Stress of Day Job

I have been so busy at work lately. This little doodle is the embodiment of my stress. I keep getting work done but more and more keeps coming. It is so hard to keep on track.


A Bewildered Beast

4" x 6" on 1/8" panel.
A painted doodle I did. Just to have a little fun. I have been kicking around the idea of doing a series of Bewildered Beasts drawings. It is a common occurrence in my illustrations and doodles to see beasts and monsters with completely puzzled looks on their faces. It is like they are lost or forgot what they were about to do. This is a common occurrence in my own life.


First of Many Doodle Posts

Well this little guy is the hopeful start to many more illustration and
doodle posts.
He is in fact made from the same stuff dreams are made of.