Ely the Cyclops

Base Folk

Base Folk are the newest paper toy personal project to come from Macula in 2011. This paper toy project is a take on how simple you can make the human form and still recognize it. I have always been fascinated with the human form and early art forms representation of it such as Polynesian tiki.
I have tried to make this model simpler and easier to put together. The only complications that come into this paper toy are the accessories depending on the style of character you choose to build. Feel free to create a design yourself or print one of the many pre-designed templates I have created. The figures would stand on there own if you weighted the legs, but I like the fact that they have bases. It makes them more like sculpture or game pieces.
In this paper craft series I am focusing more on fleshing out each character and being more story driven.
Yes it has been awhile but I am back!

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