The frolicking devil

The frolicking devil
(6"x8") Acrylic on panel
This whimsical painting was originally created for a silent auction
benefiting the Boys & Girls club of Ottawa.
Gallery: Canteen Life & Milk
Show: The Little Big Show
Date: 10-16-08


Sketches 09-11-08

Monsters and monster parts.


Sketches 09-09-08

Messing around with a brush point Copic Multiliner and gray marker.


Le Fantome

A cute, little French ghost.


Video Game Avatars

Video Game Avatars for http://www.crashbomb.com
Clank, Moo, Kratos, Niko, Rikimaru, Phanto

Sketch 06-11-2008

A sketch: pencil, colored in Photoshop. I used the idea and colors of old school Pee-Chee folders.


Orphan Kid

A quick sketch of the kid from the movie "Orfanato, El" aka The Orphanage. It was a good movie, more sad than scary.


Spaceman Mini Customized


Potential Mascot for Macula website

Hand drawn sketch scanned in and remade in Adobe Illustrator CS3.
Lately I have been drawing characters and trying to place them in there own universe. I may use this guy in a video game pitch that is far away on the back burner of projects I would like to do. He is super funky.
I referenced the color scheme from a old Sugar Hill Gang album
I will also add it as a downloadable desktop wallpaper sometime soon.
View more art here: macula.tv/



Submission for Battle Pets
Name: Mange
Element: None
Strength: 8
Agility: 10
Intelligence: 2
Stamina: 15
Attacks: Mangy Munch, Itchy Strike, Noxious Knee, Infected Lick

Mange is a rather pathetic creature. Mange lives its life having to wear a Recovery Collar so it does not reinfect itself. Mange may look very weak but the sickness it carries inside itself is incredibly strong.


The Cluck-topus

Another Submission for Battle Pets
Name: Cluck-topus
Element: Water
Strength: 7
Agility: 12
Intelligence: 3
Stamina: 9
Attacks: Aqua Squawk, Propulsion Peck, Tentacle Tackle, Wattle Whack

The Cluck-topus is a poultry mollusk hybrid. It's Wattle (the dangly things below its beck) act as gills. It is a rather timid creature. Crawling along the ocean floor it pecks around looking for food.


Donkeyfins made it into Battle Pets

This was my very first Battle Pets submission. His name is Donkeyfins. He already made it in to the game.

Wurm Fox

Yet Another Submission for Battle Pets
Name: Wurm Fox
Element: Earth
Strength: 4
Agility: 10
Intelligence: 7
Stamina: 12
Attacks: Stare of Suffering, Burrowing Bash, Invertebrate Entanglement
The Wurm Fox is a very mysterious creature. With it's glowing eyes it can stop almost anyone in their tracks.
Living deep in the soft soils of the forest is uses it's glowing eyes to look for prey. Mainly Lunagrubs.



Another Submission for Battle Pets
Name: Fretasaurus
Element: Wood
Strength: 9
Agility: 2
Intelligence: 2
Stamina: 14
Attacks: Agitated Slap, Lick of Distress, Grieve Gnaw
The Fretasaurus does one thing well and thats fret.
Many of these creatures don't live to see adult-hood do to worrying themselves to death.


My New Submission for Battle Pets

My New Submission for Battle Pets
Name: Tater-Pup
Element: Earth
Strength: 18
Agility: 3
Intelligence: 8
Stamina: 20
Potato Punch, Hash Mash, Tuber Toss, Butter Bite


Zombie Sketches

Zombie Sketches for a new paper toy I am working on.