Kokeshi Lolita Paper Toy Out Now

Download hi-res file here http://macula.tv/papercraft/
This paper Kokeshi Lolita's name is Miyu. She likes to dress in Wa
Lolita Fashion. Wa Lolita's tend to dress in traditional Japanese
fashion. You can tell she is not truly traditional by her skull flower
cherry blossoms and classical top hat. Miyu likes to hang out with her
friends and watch monster movies.



This is a early version of my special paper toy for the Tokyo Urban Paper show. I am happy with the head. I will make the body slightly longer. I also need to add all the little details.
Here is info on the show:
Cafe Pause
September 7th to the 20th
2-14-12-1F Minami-Ikebukuro
Toshima-ku, Tokyo


Candy Bot 10000

Download here: www.macula.tv/papercraft/

Candy Bot 10,000 is a 2 page PDF file originally created for my friend and fellow paper craft artist Cooper. The head can rotate and be pulled off to expose his long neck. He can also store candy in his body and neck. I hope you enjoy him as much as everyone did at Cooper's Birthday Party in his original debut.


Floating Parasitic Twin Lolita

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Just a weird doodle I live traced.


Vector Eyes

Time about 1hr. 45 min. and still working on it. All Adobe Illustrator. Lots of work to do. Definitely going for quality over quantity on this one. Here is just the eyes of one of my next paper toys. For more art and paper craft go here http://macula.tv/papercraft/


Star Girl

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Little girl looking at a star with stars in her eyes.
5.5" x 5.5" Acrylic on scrap panel.

Sad Lolita Girl


Girl Sketches

Some very early sketches of a big personal project I am working on.
View more of my art here:


Nosferatu Paper Toy

This paper toy was really fun to make. It is a child like version of
Count Orlok from the 1922 film Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror. It was
really tough to make the repugnant rodent like vampire into a cute
version but still maintain its characteristics. I call him Lil Nos. He
sounds more like a rapper than a vampire. This paper toy is really
easy to make. The most difficult part is cutting out the hands. Other
than that the body is merely a cone shape with the tip cut off and the
head is a 6 sided box. He works very well as a Halloween decoration or
just hanging out on your desk.
Download hi-res file here http://macula.tv/papercraft/



Name: Nipsey
Height: 4' 2"
Weight: 64 lbs.
Age: 9
Birthday: 01-29-09
Personality: Likes to nibble and taste morsels.
Blood Type: AB+
Magic Points: None
Physical Beauty: 5
Physical Prowess: 6
Mental Affinity: 5
Intelligence: 3
Physical Endurance: 7
Physical Strength: 5
Mental Endurance: 5
Money: None
Hit Points: 25
Speed: 3 MPH

Sketch 01-29-09