Kokeshi Lolita Paper Toy Out Now

Download hi-res file here http://macula.tv/papercraft/
This paper Kokeshi Lolita's name is Miyu. She likes to dress in Wa
Lolita Fashion. Wa Lolita's tend to dress in traditional Japanese
fashion. You can tell she is not truly traditional by her skull flower
cherry blossoms and classical top hat. Miyu likes to hang out with her
friends and watch monster movies.



This is a early version of my special paper toy for the Tokyo Urban Paper show. I am happy with the head. I will make the body slightly longer. I also need to add all the little details.
Here is info on the show:
Cafe Pause
September 7th to the 20th
2-14-12-1F Minami-Ikebukuro
Toshima-ku, Tokyo