Macula’s Gumbo Recipe

Macula’s Gumbo Recipe
(Must contain animals from land, sea, and air!)
-1 bag 50-60ct. Large Cooked Shrimp (peeled and tail-less preferred, that way it won’t slow down your eating)
-3 bags Small Dehydrated Shrimp (usually located in the dry bag spices section of the market)
-1Lb Canned Crab Lump Meat
-3 (49oz) Cans Swanson 33% less sodium Chicken Broth
-2 medium Yellow Onions (chop finely)
-1 bunch Green Onions (chop ¼”)
-1 whole clove Garlic (peel and crush)
-1 bunch Celery (cut off top and bottom discard, chop ¼”)
-Dry Parsley 3/4 cup
-1 Lb. Boneless Skinless Chicken Brest or Thighs (Cut 1” cubes)
-Garlic Powder (1/4 cup)
-Red Pepper (season to taste)
-1Lb. Farmer John or Evergood Louisiana Brand Hot Link Sausage (cut straight ¼” to 3/8” slices)
-2Lb. Hillshire Farms Smoked Sausage or Polish Kielbasa Sausage (cut at a 45 degree angle to produce long ¼” slices)
-1 can Campbell’s French Onion Soup plus 1 can of water
-1 can Campbell’s Cream of Celery Soup plus one can of water
-1 can Tony Catchers Creole Seasoning or Spike Seasoning (season to taste)
-6 or more cups of your favorite Rice
-1 Bottle of File (pronounced fee-lay)

You will need:
-2 large pots (1 for the over flow, when you put that much meat and broth together 1 pot won’t handle it)
-2 Cutting boards (one for vegetable one for meat)
-1 really good knife
-2 large stirring spoons
-1 large Skillet or George Forman Family Size Grill
-Lots of paper towels (to clean and drain grease)
-Lots of bowls to hold chopped ingredients
-1 small pot
-1 colander
-1 long ladle

Cooking Instructions:
-Add to Pot chicken broth, dry parsley, French onion soup, cream of celery soup, and 2 cans of water
Turn flame to high start to boil

-While waiting for liquid to boil.
Chop yellow onion, green onion, garlic, celery and add to pot.

-Next chop chicken and season with garlic powder, red pepper, and spike
In large skillet cook chicken until brown and no pink in the middle.
Add chicken to pot.
If pot is boiling turn fire to medium and simmer add lid.

-Slice all hot links, and sausage. Cook in separate skillet or George Forman drain as much grease as possible with paper towels from meats.
Add Links and sausage to pot

-At this point pot is probably going to over flow so divide everything into 2 pots evenly.
Cover pots and simmer on medium to low heat.

-In a rice cooker or pot cook your rice.

-In smaller pot fill with water and boil dehydrated shrimp. Drain in colander and boil once more. (This gets rid of the over powering sea flavor from the tiny shrimp)
Add dehydrated shrimp to pots.

-If you bought uncooked shrimp Boil in separate pot and drain then add to pots
-If you bought cooked shrimp just add to pots.

-Add lump crab meat to pots.

-After all of your ingredients are in the pots cover pots with lids and simmer on low heat for 15 minutes.

Lets Eat:
In a large eating bowl add a good heap of rice.
Get out your good long ladle a stir gumbo around to mix juices. (Do this for each bowl)
Scooping from bottom of pot pull up gumbo and put in your bowl over the rice (do this because the shrimp and crab always sinks to the very bottom.)
Optional if you want file add a spoon full over gumbo and mix well. (It is an extra flavor made from the ground leaves of a sassafras tree and thickens up the gumbo, be careful to not add too much it will make your gumbo ropey)
It depends on traditions on how much gumbo juice one uses. Some people like gumbo like soup and others like just the meat over rice with very little juice.

Makes 15-20 Good size bowls of Gumbo.Enjoy!!!

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